Apprenticeship Training

Join the Floor Covering Apprenticeship and Training Program

    •  You can earn while you learn.
    • No tuition cost with perfect attendance.
    • Apprentices start at 60% of the Journeyman scale with regular increases.
    •  Plan for your future in a career with benefits for you and your family.
    •  Learn a trade that lasts a lifetime.
      •  Earn Community College credits while you train.
      •  Enjoy the variety of different job sites.
    • Become a craftsperson and take pride in your work.

    •  Continue Learning and move up in your trade.

 It’s a career that goes with you.

     Are you at a point where you need to start looking to the future? Maybe college isn’t for you, but you aren’t willing to settle for whatever job comes along. The Floor Covering Apprenticeship Training Program allows you to “earn while you learn” and gain the training and skills you need to be a valuable construction trades craftsperson.

Why Be A Floor Covering Craftsperson?

     First, the floor covering trade pays well and provides health care benefits, retirement benefits, and continuing education. Second, it’s not just a job; it’s a career. Once a skill is mastered, it can become a lifetime asset, allowing you the flexibility to work at various job sites and in different geographic locations.

Will I Like It?

     You can take pride in your skills. The work of a floor covering professional is often in the public spotlight. Whether you laid the floor covering in a hospital, home, office building, or sports arena, thousands of people see your craftsmanship daily. A quality floor covering job creates a quality environment. After the job is finished, the floor covering is a daily reminder of the importance of your work.

How Much Do I Earn As An Apprentice?

     A floor covering apprentice starts at 60% of Journey level wage. With every 1,000 hours completed on the job, apprentices get a raise in hourly wages. Craftspeople who have completed an approved Apprenticeship Training program are more in demand by employers. Also, apprentice program graduates earn more during their working years than those who did not learn their skills in a formal program.

What Does It Take to Complete the Program?

The Apprenticeship training program combines paid, on-the-job work with classroom instruction. It takes approximately four years to complete the apprenticeship program. To reach Journey-level status, a floor covering apprentice must complete 576 classroom hours and 6,500 to 8,000 on-the-job hours. Safety and health are of paramount concern. There is zero tolerance for unacceptable behavior and compromised installations.

What Will I Learn?

     The floor covering industry has grown tremendously due to the complexity of environmentally friendly materials and installation products. Floor covering installation is a highly skilled art. It requires accuracy, keen judgment, and mathematical skills. The installer must be able to analyze and think about color combinations, patterns, and measurements.

When Do I Go To Class?

     Floor covering and apprenticeship training classes are held every other Saturday during the school year, September through June.

Do I Have A Job During My Apprenticeship?

You will have job opportunities with the union contractors during your apprenticeship. Most employers will require a driver’s license, pre-employment drug test, and background check.

Do I Qualify?

     For the floor covering and apprenticeship training, you must be 17 years or older and have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. You must submit a copy of your high school diploma or GED certificate. Women, minorities, and military veterans are encouraged to apply. The program qualifies for VA Educational Assistance. Direct entry into the program is available for military veterans with Honorable Discharge and DD214 within the past 24 months. Graduates of approved Job Corp and other approved Pre-Apprentice Programs may also apply for direct entry.

How Do I Apply?

     You’ll first need to fill out and submit your application in person. Members of the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC) then interview qualified applicants.


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